The psychology of technology

Prof Sherry Turkle

Sunsuper and Kinetic Super would be delighted if you could join us for the next Sunsuper Game Changers breakfast focusing on the psychology of technology.

Our keynote speaker is New York Times bestselling author Professor Sherry Turkle. Professor Turkle will share her insights into how leaders and talent managers can balance the ever-increasing use of technology with creating the time and space for real conversations that connect people, and help businesses thrive.


Our Difference

Breakfast event: Friday 18 May

Places are strictly limited so we encourage you to register early. Attendance is complimentary.

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Professor Turkle’s more than 30 years’ exploration into the intersection of digital technology and human relationships provides critical insight into technology’s role in business productivity; whether multi-tasking can actually lead to deteriorating performance; and if our always-connected state affects our ability to think, to be creative and to innovate.

A New York Times bestselling author, consultant, researcher and Harvard Centennial Medalist, Professor Turkle’s TED talk on technology’s influence on relationships has had more than 4 million views.

She is also a featured media commentator on the role and effects of technology for CNN, NBC, ABC and NPR, including appearances on programs such as Nightline, 20/20 and The Colbert Report.

Watch Sherry’s TED talk “Connected, but alone?” below.