Mindfulness; the new competitive advantage

The ‘mother of mindfulness’, Dr Ellen Langer Ph.D was our keynote presenter at our Game Changers breakfast in August 2016. Dr Langer shared her insights into how mindfulness is the new competitive advantage, but also provided tips on HOW it can be leveraged to become a better leader and to inspire engagement, innovation and creativity.

“Mindfulness is not meditation. It is the simple process of noticing new things, which puts us in the present and makes us more sensitive to context and perspective. It is the essence of engagement.”

ellen-langer-headshot-b94a8f85Dr Ellen Langer
Game Changer speaker

Dr Ellen Langer’s work shows that the application of mindfulness principles aren’t just a fad, but rather can dramatically enhance organisational success. It can result in greater efficiency through less waste of human creativity and resources, greater innovation in problem solving and overall higher job satisfaction.

Her mindfulness approach focuses on achieving these results by helping leaders create a high-performing, creative and integrated team dynamic and environment in which staff are able to be their “best selves” — key hallmarks of a successful organisation culture.

Learn more about how you can leverage mindfulness:

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