Developing and leading high performing teams

Sunsuper's Michael Mulholland shares his key learnings from the Developing and leading high performing teams installment of Sunsuper Game Changers #SunsuperGC

The themes that emerged from Game Changers last Friday have further informed and refined Sunsuper’s movements toward becoming a high performing organisation (HPO) and my own strides as a business leader. The panel of experts shared their unique views on what makes high performing teams and how you can sustain and evolve them to continually drive organisational results.

Fuelling the desire to continually improve was one of the key points that transpired from the discussion. Gilbert Enoka, All Blacks Leadership Manager, described the process as creating a distinct gap between where you are currently and where you want to be, generating discomfort and motivation to continually improve – or in short, going from “good to great”.

Continual improvement is disrupted when we, as business leaders, label ourselves as experts or are complacent. Sam Mostyn, Non-executive chair & Director across corporate, sports and the arts, asserts while it’s important to celebrate achievements, complacency harbours dysfunctional culture. Consistently revising or stretching goals deflects the dysfunctional behaviour complacency cultivates.

Diversity is central to sustaining and evolving high performing teams. By 2020, it is expected the global workforce will comprise of 50% millennial employees – essentially forging a new definition and understating of workplace diversity. Professor Ian Woodward, INSEAD Professor of Organisational Behaviour confirms that, when we talk about diversity – generation, thinking, gender and culture need to be a part of the discussion. Encouraging diversity creates a wealth of resources and knowledge that drives high performance. It was unanimous across the panel that distinct parallels could be drawn between diverse teams and HPO’s.

In my previous article, I shared key learnings from 2016 and my foresight for the year ahead. Two months in and the visions I had for 2017 have already evolved and progressed exponentially. And I can say with confidence – they will continue to develop as we look to industry and market leaders who have embarked on a similar high performing journey.

Hearing from high performing experts and sharing the event with other industry professionals was an extremely enlightening experience.

If you attended the event, I would appreciate your thoughts on the panel?

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